When the temperatures are at their most extreme during the winter and summer months, your electric bill may be much higher than you thought it would be. If you want to reduce your electricity costs and save ample sums of money, there are many ways to lower the amount of energy your home consumes. While some of these methods are as simple as turning your lights off before you go to work, others can be as major as replacing your HVAC unit with an energy-efficient one.

Minor Energy Efficiency Gains

If you don’t want to spend much money to reduce your electric bill, there are some small things you can do to make energy efficiency gains.

Kitchen Upgrades

Consider increasing the temperature in your refrigerator by several degrees. Doing so may save you well over $100 dollars every year. Freezers only need to be between zero to negative five degrees Fahrenheit. Before you go somewhere, make sure that your coffee maker is turned off. A modern coffee maker is equipped with features that will run all day long if the appliance isn’t unplugged.

A common myth among homeowners is that dishwashers use more water and energy than handwashing. In reality, washing dishes by hand typically uses around nine times more water when compared to a dishwasher. By using your dishwasher, you can reduce your water consumption by 5,000 gallons per year, which should help you save on your utilities.

Lighting and Window Enhancements

Consider changing all of the light bulbs in your home to LEDs, which are much more energy efficient. A single LED light uses around 80% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs. They’re also much cheaper than incandescent bulbs.

If you have numerous electronics in your home that are plugged into sockets, you may want to use smart power strips. These strips work by dividing energy loads based on how much and how often you use each device. Instead of needing to unplug all devices when you leave your home, you can instead switch off the power strip.

During the warm summer season, make sure that you use shades to block the heat from entering your home. By keeping your windows covered, you can lower heat gain by more than 75%. In the winter, you should clean your windows. Getting rid of dirt and oils on the glass makes it easier for sunlight to get in your home. More sunlight means better heat gain without needing to regularly change your thermostat.

Moderate Energy Efficiency Gains

When you have some money to spare and want to make larger energy efficiency gains, there are several options at your disposal.

Proper Thermostat Settings

You can improve your home’s energy efficiency by changing your thermostat to a more efficient temperature. Your electric bill will be lower if there’s isn’t a notable difference between your indoor temperature and the outdoor temperature.

When outdoor temperatures are cold, try to keep your thermostat at around 68-69 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the day. At night, the thermostat should be a few degrees lower to save energy. In the summer, raise the temperature on your thermostat when no one’s at home.

You should also look into installing a programmable thermostat. These appliances offer smart functionality, which means that you can control the settings from your phone or tablet.

Update Bathroom and Kitchen

One way to significantly improve your home’s energy efficiency is by cleaning the coils in your refrigerator. Over time, dust and residue will accumulate on these coils, which results in the refrigerator using more energy to run.

You should also consider installing a new kitchen faucet aerator. As you use your faucet, these items become clogged, which reduces water pressure and efficiency. Your bathroom faucet aerators should be replaced regularly as well. An aerator can be fitted to any sink.

You may be able to reduce your electric bill by installing efficient shower heads. Modern shower heads are designed with efficiency in mind and can save thousands of gallons of water every year.

Major Energy Efficiency Gains

If you want to make long-lasting improvements to your electric bill, focus on upgrading your heating and cooling system while also making more water consumption changes.

Improve Heating and Cooling

Likely the more effective method of lowering your electric bill is by tending to your home’s heating and cooling system. For instance, you should replace your furnace and HVAC filters regularly. Over time, dust invariably accumulates in these filters, which reduces airflow and makes the system work harder to produce the same results. Replace your filter at least once every three months. If you live in an apartment, the maintenance staff should handle this for you. You can also contact an air conditioning and heating company to perform these services.

HVAC components should be checked regularly to make sure that they are still in good working condition. Damage to any single component in the unit could cause it to be less efficient, which would lead to your electric bill being higher. If you have an older HVAC system in your home, you may benefit from buying a modern one that’s more energy efficient.

Consider having ceiling fans installed in your home as well. Fans are able to effectively distribute the air that rises to your ceiling and can help with regulating your home’s indoor air temperature. If you want to make improvements to cooling efficiency, think about rearranging your furniture. If a large sofa is found just below an air duct, it can negatively impact airflow. Moving any furniture away from your vents can keep you from using too much energy.

Reduce Water Use

High water consumption also causes energy bills to be higher. By reducing your water use, you should notice that your next bill is lower. You can install a timer for your hot water heater that comes with temperature controls. These devices are capable of scheduling when hot water will be supplied to your home. Once a timer is installed, it will reduce the amount of hot water you use, which can help you save hundreds of dollars every year.

You might also want to switch over to high-efficiency toilets. While this upgrade requires a sizable upfront investment, your energy savings will cover the initial costs before too long. Just one energy-efficient toilet can save you more than $100 each year.

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