Does Your AC Need Repaired?

Summer is here, and the scorching weather with it. The sun is a wonderful thing, but you want to be able to get out of it. You need your home to be nice and cool when you go in. At Air24/7, we can handle all your AC needs, so you know you will have a comfortable place to relax. If you have been looking at central AC installation companies in the area, there is no need to look further. From installation to maintenance, our professional crew can take care of everything.

Does Your AC Need Repaired?

There are things that we deal with all the time when it comes to air conditioners. Here are signs that yours may have a problem:

 ·        Poor or No Air Flow –  If you have practically no air coming out of your vents this is definitely something that needs looked at.

·        Warm Air Blowing – If the air is blowing, but it is warm you air conditioner is not working right.

·        Bad Odors – this could be an electrical problem of mold

·        Strange Sounds – Whether it is the outside or inside unit, you should not hear squealing, gurgling, clicking or other odd sounds.

Annual AC Maintenance

Maintaining your HVAC system is a must for years of service. No one wants their AC dying in the middle of summer, especially in Florida. If you need annual AC maintenance, give us a call at (813) 328-7320 or (727) 314-6475.