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Saving money is more important than ever. We chase the best deals and shop at the stores that offer the lowest prices to spend as little of our hard-earned money as possible. Saving money is also a factor that drives the do-it-yourself culture. There are entire television networks and programs dedicated to the pursuit of … Read more

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We all know how gratifying it is to open our front doors and transition from the outside heat into the cool inviting oasis that is our home. Air conditioning makes that possible. Most of the time we are only thinking about our physical comfort, but did you know that air conditioning actually provides several benefits … Read more

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24/7 AC Service Living in Tampa means that your AC or HVAC unit has to run efficientlyand properly every day. You want your home to maintain a comfortable temperature but you also want to keep your energy costs as low as possible. Did you know that there are some common myths about air conditioning use … Read more

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The residents of Tampa are inherently dependent upon the HVAC industry. It’s only fitting that Tampa’s own John Gorrie has been named the father of refrigeration and air conditioning. In the 1850s, he was the first to design and operate an air-refrigeration machine for use in hospitals so that patients could get some relief from … Read more

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Celebrities like Tom Cruise and Tom Brady have discovered the secrets of living in Tampa. The relaxed lifestyle punctuated by an exciting night life, exotic dining, shopping, and water sports make Tampa attractive to residents and visitors alike.The heat index is aggravated by the high levels of humidity, so having a reliable working HVAC system … Read more

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In a city as large as Tampa, many different companies are competing for your business from restaurants and theaters to grocery stores and gas stations. That includes HVAC companies Tampa. With so many companies competing for your business, there has to be a way to tell which one to choose. Now there is. Your HVAC … Read more

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There’s no doubt that being without air conditioning in Tampa is uncomfortable and even miserable. Sometimes our AC units give us clues that they are about to break down and sometimes it happens without warning. In either case, you will be able to get help. Emergency AC repair Tampa FL is available 24/7 and can … Read more

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24 Hour AC Repair Tampa It’s never convenient when our appliances break. They always seem to quit working at the worst times but having your air conditioner break down during a hot humid Tampa summer can be disastrous and life-threatening. Even though design concepts of air conditioning units have improved and been simplified over the … Read more

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Tampa is the place to be! Edgy craft breweries, adventurous restaurants, and groovy coffee shop hangouts easily make Tampa Bay one of the most cutting-edge, hip communities in the United States. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the three hottest cities in the US experiencing temperatures reaching up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity as high … Read more

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24-Hour HVAC Service The term “off season” usually refers to reduced activity. For example, the hottest months in Tampa are considered to be the “off season” because fewer tourists and visitors can tolerate the higher temperatures and humidity. As far as your HVAC system is concerned, there is no off season. It has to work … Read more