Air Conditioning Tampa: Everything to Know About HVAC System Inspections

The AC unit is a most helpful feature in your home, keeping you comfortable throughout the seasons. Warm during winter and cool in the summer. But like any other machinery, it requires a routine inspection to function optimally and seamlessly. Our air conditioning Tampa repair team responds to more than 70% of calls and consultations due to neglect and a lack of service and maintenance. By then, the unit might be beyond salvage.

Why Regular Inspection Is Important for Your AC Unit
An annual and even better biannual inspection of the entire HVAC system can detect any problems before they occur, lowering repair /replacement costs. In the meantime, your HVAC system consumes slightly half of your energy costs. Any inattention, besides the normal wear and tear, can drive your utility bills and massive expenses. An inspection could also help unearth issues such as carbon monoxide leakages that are key health culprits for your home inhabitants.

The Typical Annual HVAC Inspection Checklist
Once the HVAC technician arrives, they assess the heating system, cleaning it during the process. Other heating inspection tasks include:

  • Examining the thermostat to see if it is working properly
  • Checking that there is no obstruction in the condensate drain
  • Checking the electrical wiring and voltage to prevent component malfunction and failure

The air conditioning system inspection includes:

  • Examination and replacement of the air filters
  • Cleaning of the condensation pump and the outdoor and indoor coils
  • Eliminating all forms of dirt, dust, and debris in and out of the AC unit

What is the Right Time for an HVAC System Inspection?
We recommend a biannual inspection within a six-month interval. The spring check helps you keep your unit in its best form during the summer. The fall HVAC system inspection prepares you for the winter without heating issues.

While you might be tempted to inspect your AC unit by yourself, it is desirable to call a professional to do a thorough job. Contact us today for more information about your HVAC system. Our air conditioning Tampa technicians are highly trained, licensed, and insured to handle your unit’s delicate aspects.