Air Quality

Air Quality

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Air Quality

There’s a good chance your indoor air quality could improve by leaps and bounds, and we’re to help. Whether it’s an allergy solution or just personal comfort you want, the answer may start with cleaner, purer air flowing through your HVAC equipment. After all, you’re breathing that air day and night.


Tampa Air Quality Services

Most people spend over 90% of their lives indoors and yet remain oblivious to the dangers of poor indoor air quality.  Tampa FL, like many other parts of the world, is affected by pollution and contaminants in the air.  However, according to the EPA, the stagnant air we breathe in our homes may contain far more pollutants than outdoor air, regardless of where we live. Despite popular belief, staying indoors does not protect you from poor air quality, but instead, exposes you to far worse effects of contaminated air.

Tampa Air Quality Services Save Lives

Several factors including poor ventilation, sources of combustion, outdoor pollution, secondhand smoke, building materials and chemicals conspire to make the air quality in Tampa homes far more dangerous than you might think. At Air 24/7, our Tampa air quality services target pollutants in residential and commercial buildings for the following reasons:


Homes Contain Harmful Chemicals

Common household products such as bleach, solvents, personal care products, cleaners, and paint release harmful chemicals that ruin your indoor air quality. Most air freshers, for example, contain noxious chemicals known as phthalates, which can worsen asthma, interfere with hormonal function, and stunt reproductive development. Tampa Bay residents are also exposed to increased risks of cancer, allergies, skin irritations, as well as respiratory infections due to such chemical pollutants.

Secondhand Smoke Is Dangerous

Smoking is a health hazard that especially ruins air quality. Tampa homes that are poorly ventilated can accumulate toxic chemicals from smoking and other combustion sources such as candles and chimneys.  Without expert Tampa air quality services from Air 24/7, every minute you spend in your polluted home exposes you to cancer and other respiratory complications.

Your Furniture May Be A Toxic Pollutant

Certain types of furniture made before 2006 contain flame retardants which are in fact toxic chemicals. These chemicals are released into the air, where they are inhaled to the detriment of your health.  Poor ventilation greatly increases the chances of such chemicals accumulating in your home.

Indoor Air Pollutants Are Plentiful In Your Home

There are many more sources of air pollution in homes which cause dry eyes, sore throats, allergies, and respiratory infections.  They include pollen, mold, pet fur, radon, and other ultra-fine particles that can be easily inhaled.  Even your inkjet printer contains toxic chemicals called glymes that harm your reproductive health.

How You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

The best way to improve indoor air quality in your Tampa home is to remove all sources of pollutants and improve ventilation. At Air 24/7, we provide Tampa air quality services that guarantee a clean and healthy atmosphere in your home.  Our HEPA air purifiers with activated carbon can eliminate 99% of indoor air pollutants larger than 0.3 microns, which include pet dander, mold, chemical pollutants, and pollen.

If your family is suffering from persistent respiratory problems, dizziness, and allergies, it may be time to consider our Tampa air quality services. Call us today for the perfect solution to air pollution in your home.