There is an abundance of problems that can arise when dealing with your home cooling system. Regardless of how “insignificant” a repair may seem; it is very important to schedule regular maintenance and service on your system before it becomes a bigger problem.

Why is My HVAC System Leaking?

When you notice refrigerants starting to leak from your air conditioning system, there are a couple of possible reasons. It may be coming from the evaporator or condenser coils, or the refrigerant lines themselves. But the truth is, your air conditioner does not use water in any parts of its operation. What you are seeing is most likely a refrigerant leak. When refrigerant is low, the evaporator coils that are used to absorb heat become compromised. This causes the humidity in your system to freeze on the coil and eventually melt, causing the appearance of a water leak. These specific leaks can be located and repaired by a trained professional.

Another possible reason for the appearance of a “leak” is a backed-up condensate drain line. When your AC system is operating properly, the humidity from the air is drawn out and drained through a condensate pan and drain line. If the pan becomes unbalanced, or if the drain line is backed up, it will give the appearance of a leak. This is a less serious problem and can also be repaired when needed.

What Do I Do About a Possible HVAC Leak?

Your HVAC unit is something that should be maintained regularly to prevent costly repairs. Any leaking or pooling water around an indoor AC unit should be attended to as soon as you notice it. Once you discover a leak, be sure to turn off your air conditioner. This can help prevent the water from causing damage to the electrical components of your air conditioner and limit the amount of water damage to your home. A leaking HVAC system can be indicative of a larger problem. When there is an influx of moisture and hot weather, the chances of dealing with mold increase significantly.

Preventing Leaks

Ensuring that you keep up with your annual HVAC maintenance and inspections with a qualified company can go a long way in protecting your system and your home from damage. Regular maintenance ensures that your unit is always performing at peak efficiency. Overdue maintenance of your HVAC system can diminish your heating and cooling energy usage by up to 25 percent. Basic repairs and maintenance save customers time and money by ensuring greater energy efficiency. Certified technicians can pinpoint exactly what your unit needs and prevent any further issues from occurring while also checking that your furnace, central humidifier, and coils are clean.

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