Almost everything you do, and everything in your home, rely on electricity to work properly. From charging your phones and devices to maintaining a comfortable temperature, electricity is a vital part of our daily lives and well-being. When something starts to work incorrectly, it can be frustrating and even scary. For many people, a simple flicker of the lights when your AC kicks on can seem unusual, depending on the situation and the homeowner.

So, the question is, how normal is this and should it be cause for concern?

When Are Flickering Lights Considered Usual?

If you are seeing dimming that lasts for a fraction of a second when your HVAC kicks in, it likely isn’t something to be concerned about.
Your home’s electricity is constantly being regulated without you even realizing it. At any given time, larger appliances like your HVAC system require a significant amount of electricity to power up. When these large appliances turn on, they take up a bigger portion of available electricity than a smaller appliance would. So, this means that something smaller, like your lights, may not have as much power available to them as they otherwise would.
In the instance of your lights going dim for less than a second and quickly returning to normal, this should not be a cause for concern. However, if you are simply tired of the flickering, schedule an appointment with Air 24/7 Air Conditioning & Heating, and our qualified technicians will be able to address the situation and make the necessary adjustments.

When Should Flickering Lights Be Cause for Concern?

In some instances, flickering or dimming lights could also be a more serious matter. We also suggest reaching out to a professional when a problem could be hazardous for you or your home, especially when it relates to electrical wiring. The following are times when flickering lights could be cause for concern:

  • Lights that continue to flicker

    Anything beyond a fraction of a second may be something to pay attention to. If your lights continue to flicker on and off when you start your HVAC system, or continuously at any time, there could be a problem with your wiring, which could pose a fire hazard if left unmonitored

  • Lights that dim significantly

    When your lights dim from time to time, it should be nothing more than a small, brief change. If the intensity of your lights suddenly drops considerably, you could have something wrong with the outdoor compressor on your air conditioner, or larger issues with the power grid.

  • An electrical switch trips when you start your HVAC

    Circuit breakers are a key aspect of your home’s electrical framework. At the point when they trip and shut off capacity to an aspect of your home (controlled by a particular circuit), they are attempting to shield you from a problem with your circuit, such as electrical overload. While it may be the case that you have such a large number of appliances on a single circuit, we advise you to hire an expert to ensure there isn’t a serious electrical issue that could put your home and family in danger.

Any time your HVAC framework and lights don’t cooperate, you should call an experienced technician to take a look. The team at Air 24/7 Air Conditioning & Heating is here to offer help. When you need us, you can call us at 813-560-0594 or make an appointment online. We’ll ensure everything is in working order so you and your family can have a sense of security in your home.


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