AC units start to get smelly from time to time. Whether your unit is older or newer, the professionals can help. Taking care of the smell requires detailed efforts. Your technician will need to examine the coils and internal parts of your unit carefully. Always have a professional take care of this problem to avoid damage to the coils and your unit’s mechanical pieces.

There are a few things that can cause an AC unit to start smelling bad. One primary cause is a dirty filter. You might also get odors from mold stuck deep inside the unit. Excess moisture can cause odors that are not due to mold or mildew. There may be something stuck inside the vents that is stinky. Old paper or other thin debris can slip through the vents and start smelling after a while. Lastly, ventilation can deteriorate if your unit needs maintenance. A poorly ventilated unit can develop odors with or without mold and debris, adding to the smell.

Here’s what a professional can do to get rid of any odors coming from your AC unit.

1. Inspect the Ductwork

Things stuck inside the ducts are a common reason for bad smells. In addition to debris like old paper, you might have issues with animals. Small animals and bugs might get inside the ducts at times. They can also leave waste inside it. Small animals who are frequently near vents may put things inside the vent. They can also leave hair nearby that will collect over time.

Even under the best conditions, ductwork will stink if things are stuck inside. You will likely have even worse odors if you are also having ventilation or moisture issues. Inspecting the ductwork is an important task for your professional to do early on. Removing any debris or buildup and assessing the ductwork is the first step. After that, your technician will need to make any repairs. Holes must be fixed to keep the smell away for good. Any other damage or rust must be fixed quickly as well.

2. Address Ventilation Issues

Poor ventilation can be caused by several factors. You will usually get ventilation issues if you are also dealing with moisture and debris. Some HVAC systems need to be adjusted if they are already prone to poor ventilation. Adjusting the overall ventilation can mean expanding certain ductwork sections. Your technician might suggest adding more powerful mechanical parts. Some people also change the type of ductwork in certain sections of the building. This is a good fix if you have tight corners or larger rooms that aren’t getting good airflow.

3. Check the Filter

Filters that need changing or cleaning cause AC units to develop odors. Many people start out with a standard filter and change it regularly. Regular filters don’t always do the job. An odor coming from an AC with regular filter changes is a sign that you need something heavy duty.

Regular filters may not do the trick if you live in an area with a lot of pollution. Lots of dust, pollen, or other organic material can also wear out filters early. In addition, you should look at a specialty filter if you have pets. Homes with a lot of people in them or lots of activity usually need stronger filters as well. Technicians can help you find the right one. They can take a closer look at the condition of your current filter to find out what’s wrong.

4. Check for Moisture

AC units are a complex setup. Moisture can occur due to different mechanical issues. Many people end up with moisture if their AC unit is too large. You might have certain areas of the house that are collecting moisture naturally. You might also have a problem with the sealing or windows. Our professionals can take a close look at your system to determine where the moisture is coming from. Many people make mechanical adjustments or add a dehumidifier to fix this problem. But there are some other ways to adjust the system so that it dehumidifies regularly.

Our technicians may recommend more routine maintenance if your system is prone to moisture. This is so they can do things like drain and clean the system’s pans. They will also check the fan more frequently, check the coils, and keep the refrigerant full. Many professionals also recommend having a thermal expansion valve installed to prevent condensation.

5. Check the Coils

Dirty coils are a leading cause of AC odor. You should always have a professional clean the coils. Coils can collect a lot of things, including layers of condensation and dirt. The coils work using evaporation to cool warm air passing over them. If they go too long without cleaning, they will acquire plenty of gunk. This causes them to work less and less efficiently. They will develop a smell and may cause your AC to run all the time. Notify our HVAC professionals if your unit has trouble maintaining the right temperature. You should also tell them if you notice your AC constantly runs along with an odor. This is a classic sign of filthy coils.

6. Look for Signs of Fire or Leaking Gas

It’s always important to turn your unit off if you smell anything resembling exhaust fumes or gunpowder. Call your technician and have them check your gas line and all the electrical components. You may have aging or disconnected wires. Burned belts or signs of fire that are coming from outside the AC unit can cause this smell.

There are a few other causes for this type of smell. Other fluids that leak from or near the AC unit can heat up inside the unit. This can be a leaked fluid from another property. It might also be refrigerant from your own AC unit. If a small animal dies inside or near the unit, it can smell like fire or gas. This is not very common. You should have your professional team check for this during routine maintenance.

Always be sure to report signs of a gas leak to your local fire department and gas company first. They will need to shut off any gas lines before they carry out an inspection.

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