It’s a safe bet that living in Tampa has prompted you to install some kind of air conditioning solution in your home. You may have window units or central AC which are operated by your home’s HVAC unit. In either case, the higher temperatures and humidity cause your AC systems to work harder throughout the year which unfortunately leads them to break down sooner. Routine maintenance can go a long way toward preserving your system, but air conditioning repair in Tampa will be inevitable.

When you begin to notice problems with your HVAC unit, it can be tempting to try to repair them yourself but that’s the last thing you should do. DIY repairs aren’t recommended for window units let alone HVAC systems and here are some compelling reasons why.

  1. Electricity is involved –too many people have found out the hard way that electricity is a force to be respected. High-voltage electrical circuits power your HVAC unit and handling them incorrectly can cause you great bodily injury in addition to short-circuiting your HVAC system and the power supply for your entire home.
  2. Troubleshooting is difficult –even professionally trained HVAC technicians use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to help them identify problems for repair even though they have learned exactly how HVAC systems work and what to expect for the most part.
  3. The warranty can be nullified –the warranty is designed to protect you from unforeseen repair and replacement costs but with a caveat: you must leave maintenance and repair work to professionals. Any damage you might cause, by trying to make repairs yourself, will make your warranty useless and you will end up paying for further repairs, and even the replacement of your HVAC unit even if it would have been eligible for replacement before you damaged it.
  4. Air 24/7 Air Conditioning & Heating provides bonded, licensed, and insured HVAC technicians who use up-to-date diagnostic equipment to help them get your HVAC unit up and running quickly and safely. When you need air conditioning repair in Tampa, call us or submit your contact information on our website to schedule an appointment.

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