Saving money is more important than ever. We chase the best deals and shop at the stores that offer the lowest prices to spend as little of our hard-earned money as possible. Saving money is also a factor that drives the do-it-yourself culture. There are entire television networks and programs dedicated to the pursuit of the DIY lifestyle. Endless videos and tutorials posted on social media tell us how to do almost anything including fixing broken appliances. If you have ever been told that you shouldn’t believe everything you hear or read, now is the time to take that advice. When it comes to your air conditioner, you are taking more risks by trying to fix it yourself than by letting a qualified technician make the repairs for you.

Air conditioners are complicated pieces of machinery. Additionally, the refrigerant that your AC unit needs has to be handled according to legal requirements which licensed AC repair technicians are qualified to do. You can easily get in over your head if you attempt to work on the compressor or the evaporator coil which HVAC technicians spend years learning to understand, diagnose, maintain, and repair.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should leave air conditioner repairs to the specialists.

  1. You could void the warranty – if you make a mistake and damage the unit, the manufacturer will not honor the warranty and you will have to pay for all subsequent repairs or replacement yourself even if the unit would have qualified for replacement before you worked on it.
  2. Your comfort can be compromised –if your unit is acting up during the hottest time of the year, you won’t want to risk making things worse by not being able to fix the unit or by causing it to quit working altogether.
  3. Your health and the well-being of your family can be at risk – refrigerant is a hazardous material and if it is leaking into your home, it can cause effects from irritation of the eyes, throat, and nose to nausea and escalating all the way up to refrigerant poisoning. If the unit isn’t working well or at all, the intense Florida heat combined with the high humidity causes health risks for the elderly, young children, and those who rely on oxygen or suffer from asthma or severe allergies.
  4. You will spend more money, in the long run, to have the AC unit repaired correctly.

Air 24/7 Air Conditioning & Heating is your go-to source for insured, licensed, and bonded HVAC technicians who are at the ready 24 hours per day and seven days per week to diagnose your air conditioner’s problems and get it back up and running quickly and safely. Contact us any time of the day or night for emergency repairs. We can also help you set up a routine maintenance schedule to protect your investment in your AC unit.

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